Modern pediatric
dentistry in Bulgaria

Modern pediatric dentistry in Bulgaria

We devote enough time and patience to our youngest patients.

Children dentistry at Dental Comfort

We do not use toxic products like arsenic pastes for example. A careful approach when treating children, no stress and haste when our youngest patients are on the dental chair. We devote the time necessary for the kids to get used with to the atmosphere,to feel safe and let the dentist start the treatment.


Children dentistry

The first visits in the dental office is of primary importance for the kids and creates childrens’ first impression and future attitude concerning dental health prophylactics. Stressed kids should be given enough time to become confident and allow the dentist get used to the treatment.

Guarantee for successful treatment

Dental treatment
Average duration Price of the treatment
Dental check up
10 eur
Light-cured composite obturation of a milk tooth. (One surface obturation)
00:15 h 25 eur
Light-cured composite obturation of a milk tooth. (two surface obturation)
00:25 h 30 eur
Obturation with a glass ionomer cement
00:10 h 25 eur
Local tooth fluorization with a fluor gel
00:10 h 10 eur
Sealing of a permanent tooth
00:10 h 15 eur
Treatment of pulpitis of a primary tooth.
00:25 h 45 eur
Milk tooth extraction
00:10 h 15 eur
Services Services

Painless and effective dental treatment

The numerous cases followed up in our dental practice during the last 10 years give us the confidence to successfully manage almost every dental problem. We are equipped with a modern dental equipment including a dental microscope and a digital X-ray apparatus. We do not compromise with the quality of the dental materials we use.

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