Dental implants in Bulgaria

Dental implants

Dental implants
including crown
from 1080 EUR.

What is a dental implant?

  • The dental implant is made of titanium and replaces the tooth root. Depending on the case, a single tooth crown, bridge or a dental prosthesis could be mounted on the top of the implant.

Before the treatment with dental implants:

Before treatment a CBTC must be performed, the images provide extremely important information concerning the size of the alveolar bone, the position of important anatomical structures like the mandibular nerve and artery or the maxillary sinuses.


CBCT shows the width and hight of the alveolar bone, if the bone is not sufficient for placing a dental implant, bone augmentation should be performed.

  • The precision in treatment planning provides long term results.
  • Not always the recipient bone is sufficient for placing a dental implant.

Choosing the position of the implants based on the CBCT.CBCT

Treatment procedures?

  • Surgical stage- the placement of the dental implants in the bone.
  • Time for the implant integration in the alveolar bone.
  • Placement of a sulcus former which prepares the gingiva for the future crown and abutment placement
  • Placement of an abutment and a crown.

dental implantsdental implantsdental implantsdental implants

Successful therapy factors

  • The implant treatment stages are individual for each patient. It is possible to be implanted immediately after tooth extraction or after a certain period.

Placing a dental implantPlacing a dental implantDental Implant placing – digital x-rayPlacing a dental implantМостова конструкция върху импланти

Advantages of the dental implants.

  • If a single tooth is missing, placing an implant is the best option. This way the neighbouring teeth stay intact and are not grinded and damaged as for a bridge preparation for example.
  • Implants improve speech.
  • Patients could easily eat their favourite food without the discomfort they have with the removable dentures.
  • Aesthetically dental implants look like the natural teeth.

Why implants are aesthetically preferred decision when a tooth is missing.

  • The implant restored teeth aesthetically resemble the natural teeth and could hardly be recognized in the dentition.

Dental implants before installation of the metal – porcelain crowns.Screw retained metal – porcelain crowns over the dental implants.

Implant placemant in case of bone loss

Clinical case – 56 year old female patient came complaining that the gingiva around the molar tooth is constantly forming puss abscesses , the tooth is mobile and she could hardly eat normally. Because of the infection the bone surrounding the tooth is lost and an extraction of the tooth was performed.

The missing alveolar bone of the extraction socket was regenerated using bone particles covered by a collagene membrane.

Missing molar teeth and a movable molar with a bone loss caused by periodontitis.Periodontal bone loss around the roots of the molar.The movable tooth was extracted and bone grafting procedure with bone particles and a collagen membrane was performed.

Based on the images from the CBCT we carefully planned the position and the inclination of the future dental implants avoiding penetration into the mandibular canal or the sub- lingual fossa.

Preparation of the gingiva for the future metal - ceramic crowns over the implants.Successful bone regeneration after bone grafting procedure.

Seven months after the beginning of the treatment, bone regeneration on the place of the missing molar tooth is seen and the implants are well integrated into the bone. The patient is happy that she could eat normally the food she likes and the bad memories associated with the puss abscesses, pain and discomfort are already a history.

Preparation for metal – porcelain crowns over the dental implants.Abutments under the metal – ceramic crowns.Metal-porcelain crowns cemented on the dental implants.

Considerations when planning for dental implant treatment.

In cases of a horizontal and vertical bone loss of the alveolar ridge, guided bone regeneration is necessary. The purpose of the surgical procedure is to restore the bone volume and provide the necessary vertical and horizontal dimensions for placing the desired implant. Very often on the maxillary distal area the maxillary sinuses are very close to the alveolar ridge and placing an implant in this area should be preceded by sinus lifting procedure.

Alveolar ridge bone augmentation

  • Insufficient alveolar bone under the maxillary sinus requires sinus lifting and sometimes guided bone regeneration.

Insufficient alveolar bone under the maxillary sinus requires sinus lifting and sometimes guided bone regeneration.

  • Placing an implant at Dental Comfort
  • We offer implants with superior quality like Zimmer,Bio Horizons and Alpha Bio. HIGH QUALITY IMPLANTS
  • We work with the best dental technicians. EXCELLENT QUALITY OF THE IMPLANT SUPPORTED RESTORATION
  • We devote enough time on planning and choosing the right treatment option. TREATMENT PLANNING
  • During the procedure of placing the dental implants we perform digital X-ray to control the proximity of the implants to major nerve or blood vessels. PRECISE FOLLOW UP OF EACH STEP

  • Implant placement in some other dental offices.
  • Sometimes based on a lower price a compromise with the quality is made. HIGH QUALITY IMPLANTS
  • In some dental offices choosing a cheap dental technician affects the treatment results. EXCELLENT QUALITY OF THE IMPLANT SUPPORTED RESTORATION
  • Not always the fast treatment corresponds with positive long-term results. TREATMENT PLANNING
  • In some dental offices digital roentgen apparatus is not available. PRECISE FOLLOW UP OF EACH STEP

Dental implant treatment at Dental Comfort, Bulgaria.

The price of the treatment with dental implants is based on the individual case. The price is based on three main factors: 1.Type of implant., 2.The quality of the bone recipient of the implant., 3.The quality of the soft tissue in the area of implantation. The prices of the implants vary between 550 EUR and 700 EUR.

prices treatment and materials

Dental treatment
Average duration Price of the treatment
Placing a dental implant (The price of a dental implant vary between 550 EUR and 700 EUR)
01:00 h 550-700 eur
Dental implant including crown
01:30 h from 1080 eur
Services Services

Painless and effective dental treatment

The numerous cases followed up in our dental practice during the last 10 years give us the confidence to successfully manage almost every dental problem. We are equipped with a modern dental equipment including a dental microscope and a digital X-ray apparatus. We do not compromise with the quality of the dental materials we use.

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