Painless treatment with long-term results

The hundreds of cases followed up through the years give us the confidence that we could successfully manage most of the problems in dental medicine. We apply an individual approach with an attention to each detail.

We are constantly upgrading our professional skills and knowledge in the field of dental medicine. The dental practice is equipped with a modern equipment including dental microscope and a digital X-ray device. We use only high quality dental materials.


Treatment of complex cases and long term results.

Root canal treatment

When is a root canal treatment necessary?

Complications caused by untreated decay often lead to pulpitis and later on to apical periodontitis. Root canal treatment is necessary when the pulp of a tooth is infected or the tooth crown is fractured or traumatized. During the procedure of root canal treatment the pulp is removed, the root canals are precisely mechanically and chemically prepared. Root canal treatment requires enough time for each canal to be shaped and disinfected properly.


The prognosis of the treated tooth?

  • We could see all the tiny accessory canals using the high magnification of our dental microscope.
  • Our long-term results achieved with treated teeth followed up for more than 10 years give us confidence in the root canal treatment.
  • With a successful root canal treatment natural teeth could be saved. Patients are happy preserving their natural smile and enjoy eating their favourite food, avoiding all the complicated surgical procedures for teeth replacement.

Small decay between the teethDecay removingComposite fillingDeep decay which caused pulpitisBefore starting the root canal preparation a diadnostic x-ray is taken with a  small diameter endodontic files into the canals.Endodontic treatment of a lower molar.Root canal treatment of a lower molar.Root canal treatment of an upper molar.

Numerous cases, followed up through the years

  • Dental microscope providing maximum visibility.
  • Precise treatment
  • Long-term results
  • Preserving the natural teeth
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Beautiful smile

The aesthetic dentistry could provide the beautiful smile you have always dreamed of. Bonding is a procedure which corrects the dental defects, fractures and space between teeth. With Porcelain Veneers, which are very thin you may regain the natural look of your smile. Composite fillings are most frequently used because of their comparatively low prices and good aesthetic results. Ceramic inlays are mainly used to restore significant tooth fracture of molars and premolar teeth. Sometimes when a frontal tooth is missing and the bone is not sufficient for an implant, an adhesive composite bridge with a glass - fiber cord could be done.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Digital smile design in Bulgaria

  • After a detailed photo session of your face, teeth and smile with the aid of a computer software according to the age, gender and the shape of the face a beautiful smile could be created and the patient may see his smile even before the treatment has started.
  • Gaining the perfect smile is a complex task of a dental practitioner, dental technician, periodontologist and sometimes the help of an orthodontist and an implantologist is necessary.
  • Knowing the aesthetic proportions of the teeth helps us achieve the type of smile which makes you smile with confidence.
Filling with a light–cured composite one–surface composite obturation
00:40 h 45 eur
Ultrasonic cleaning of dental plaque tartar and polishing
00:40 h 45 eur
Ultrasonic cleaning with Air–flow of dental plaque and polishing
00:40 h 65 eur
Fractured tooth reconstruction with composite and intraradicular fiber glass post.
01:30 h 80 eur
Bonding of a frontal tooth with a light cured composite
01:30 h 75 eur
Adhesive bridge
02:00 h 250 eur
  • Porcelain veneers and ceramic crowns.
  • Bonding
  • Digital Smile Design
  • Ceramic inlay
  • Teeth whitening
  • Composite obturation
  • Adhesive bridge

Completely painless procedures

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What is periodontitis?

Periodontitis is a disease which affects еven comparatively young patients causing tooth loss. Early diagnosing of this disease and immediate starting of treatment could stop the progression of the disease and prevent tooth loss. The most common reason for gingival recession on young patients could be traumatic brushing, improper position of the tooth in the alveolar arch or short frenulum attached highly at the gingival margin. Gingival recession at middle aged patients could be provoked by a periodontal disease.The treatment is complex and comprises surgical procedures and application of platelet rich plasma and platelet-rich fibrin.

Periodon tology

Treatment with platelet – rich plasma.

  • Regeneration of the alveolar bone around the roots of the teeth.
  • Platelet rich plasma helps fast regeneration and quick renovation of the tissues in the problematic zone.
  • There is no risk of allergic reaction since your own blood is used.

Treatment of periodontal pockets.

  • Treatment could include soft tissue augmentation around teeth, removing of the frenulum in a lower position or orthodontic treatment.
  • If the periodontal pockets are deep and the supporting bone is lost,a surgical procedure is necessary to help prevent tooth loss. Bone graft substitute particles and collagene or other membranes are used for the treatment of periodontal pockets.Usually after several months a significant bone regeneration of the defect could be seen. With this treatment natural teeth are preserved by regeneration of the alveolar bone around the teeth.
Ultrasonic cleaning of the dental plaque and tartar and polishing of the teeth
00:40 h 45 eur
Ultrasonic Cleaning and cleaning with Air–flow
00:40 h 65 eur
00:30 h 110 eur

Пациент на 32 години с голяма загуба на кост и оголване на шийките на зъбите.Гингивална рецесияПародонтит при пушачиСтърчащи ръбове на пломба и пародонтален джобЛечение с кръвна плазма с висока концентрация на тромбоцити.

Regeneration health **natural beauty of ** the teeth

  • Preserving the natural teeth
  • Treatment of alveolar ridge bone defects with high quality bone substitude materials and membranes proven in clinical studies.
  • Using modern Periodontal surgical techniques and platelet –rich plasma and fibrin.
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Dental Implants

Dental implants are excellent alternative for replacing missing teeth. The treatment with dental implants improves significantly the quality of life of the patients and their self- esteem.


Advantages of the dental implants.

  • If a single tooth is missing, placing an implant is the best option. This way the neighbouring teeth stay intact and are not grinded and damaged as for a bridge preparation for example.
  • Implants improve speech.
  • Patients could easily eat their favourite food without the discomfort they have with the removable dentures.
  • Aesthetically dental implants look like the natural teeth.
Placing a dental implant (The price of a dental implant vary between 550 EUR and 700 EUR)
01:00 h 550-700 eur

Planning and CBCT image before starting the treatment.

Определяне на позицията на имплантите по 3D компютърна томографияВъзстановяния с имплантиПоставяне на имплантиПоставяне на импланти

The best option when a single tooth is missing

Before starting the treatment with dental implants a detailed exam of the occlusion is mandatory and a CBCT assigned. Dental plaque and calculus should be removed and if an infection is present it should be treated. Silicone impressions are taken and on the models of the jaws in an articulator the angulation and the position of the implants are planned.

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Pediatric Dentistry.

Care of milk teeth should be taken as soon as the milk teeth erupt. It is important that parents teach their children on proper brushing technique and develop in children healthy habits leading to correct cleaning and maintaining of their dental health. Dental decay should be treated as soon as diagnosed without a delay.

Pediatric dentistry

Experience in Pediatric Dentistry

Stress free approach and understanding of the concerns of our youngest patients is of primary importance in Dental Comfort. We assure children have enough time to get to know the dentist and the dental office and start feeling comfortable on the dental chair. We do not use toxic dental materials, like arsenic paste for example.

Dental check up
10 eur
Light-cured composite obturation of a milk tooth. (One surface obturation)
00:15 h 25 eur
Sealing of a permanent tooth
00:10 h 15 eur
Milk tooth extraction
00:10 h 15 eur
  • Dental prophylaxis
  • Regular dental check-ups.
  • Treat the small problems before they become more serious.
  • Developing health preserving habits in children

Patience and attention for our youngest patients

  • Mouth guard usage during sports activities and games.
  • We do not use toxic materils like arsenic paste for example.
  • Тaking care of the Teenegers’ smiles.
  • Wisdom teeth extraction.
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