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What is periodontitis?

Periodontitis is an infectious disease which affects even comparatively young patients. Early diagnosing and treatment could stop the progression of the disease and bone resorption and prevent tooth loss.

Platelet rich plasma treatment

The treatment of periodontitis with platelet rich plasma at Dental comfort shows excellent results.

What could positively influence the treatment of periodontitis.

By a suitable diet which provides the indispensible for the body vitamins and microelemnts the treating of periodontal diseases could be aided. Clinical studies with middle –aged patients randomized have shown that the patients with insufficient /low levels/ of Vitamin D suffer from more aggressive periodontal disease and more bone is lost.

Risks for the dental health.

  • Untreated periodontitis leads to tooth loss. The treatment should not be postponed but started immediately.

Treatment methods at Dental Comfort, Sofia.

  • The complex treatment includes surgical procedures and platelet rich plasma applications.

32 year old patient with significant bone loss and gingival recession.32 year old patient with significant bone loss and gingival recession.

Platelet rich plasma treatment in Bulgaria

The platelet rich plasma stimulates many of the growth factors which contributes to the rapid tissues regeneration. There is no risk of an allergic reaction since your own blood is used for the procedure.

How we perform the procedure

In a small tube little blood from your vein is withdrawn. The blood is prepared into a centrifuge and only the platelet –rich plasma is injected into the place of the surgical procedure

Platelet rich plasma treatment.

Regeneration of alveolar bone and gingiva surrounding the root of the tooth

regeneration of lost tissues,

  • (Platelet-Rich Plasma) leads to a fast tissue regeneration and renovation.

Eliminating bad habits

If you are diagnosed with a periodontal disease, one of the first advices your dentist will give you is to change your lifestyle. Bad habits should be eliminated. Quitting smoking is important since smoking influences the correct blood supply of the oral cavity. Avoiding sweet foods is also important, fruit juices and soft drinks could erode the root services which are often exposed. If you are officially diagnosed with chronic periodontitis, you will need to go for a regular maintenance to stop the progression of the disease. Periodontal maintenance therapy need to be performed 3-4 times per year.

Periodontitis and smokers

  • The progression for the disease and bone loss is twice faster for the smokers
  • Regular ultrasonic cleaning of the dental plaque and calculus prevents further bone loss and periodontal problems.

Smokers and periodontitis

Gingival recession

The most common reasons for gingival recession of younger patients is the traumatic brushing, problems with the occlusion or a bucco- gingival frenulum attached highly to the gingival margin.

Gingival recession

  • he most common reason for gingival recession of elderly patients is a periodontal disease.

Treatment of gingival recession

  • The treatment most often consists of soft tissue grafting in the problematic area.

Periodontal pocket/bone defect

The periodontal pocket is a destruction of the bone adjacent the root of the tooth. Reasons for the formation of the periodontal pocket could be

Improper filling contour

  • mproper shape of a filling, under which ridge food, plaque and calculus are stuck.
  • Improper position of the tooth

The treatment of the periodontal bone defects is a surgical procedure which incorporates bone substitution.

Saving of natural teeth teeth

Before any surgical procedure, teeth should be cleaned and if an infection is present it should be treated.

  • Treatment of periodontitis at Dental Comfort
  • Treatment with platelet-rich plasma. TREATMENT WITH PLATELET-RICH PLASMA.
  • For the treatment of bone defects we use high quality bone substitutes and membranes which have proven their effectiveness in clinical studies for the treatment of bone defects. PERIODONTAL POCKET TREATMENT
  • Gingival recession treatment. GINGIVAL RECESSION TREATMENT

  • Treatment of periodontitis in other dental practices.
  • Rarely used in other dental offices TREATMENT WITH PLATELET-RICH PLASMA.
  • Rarely used in other dental offices. PERIODONTAL POCKET TREATMENT
  • Rarely used in other dental offices. GINGIVAL RECESSION TREATMENT

Treatment of periodontitis

The price of the treatment depends on the individual case. The price of treatment includes the material used –bone substitute, collagene membranes, platelet rich plasma procedures etc. A periodontal chart is prepared for each patient and the results of the treatment are followed up in time.

Guarantee for excellent results and prices which include the materials used

Dental treatment
Average duration Price of the treatment
Ultrasonic cleaning of the dental plaque and tartar and polishing of the teeth
00:40 h 60 eur
Ultrasonic Cleaning and cleaning with Air–flow
00:40 h 75 eur
00:30 h 110 eur
Gingival recession treatment The price of treatment depends on the number of the teeth with gingival recession
– 1 h depends on the case
Periodontal pocket treatment Time and price of bone defects treatment depend on the case and the materials used
– 1.5h from 375 eur to 700 eur
Services Services

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The numerous cases followed up in our dental practice during the last 10 years give us the confidence to successfully manage almost every dental problem. We are equipped with a modern dental equipment including a dental microscope and a digital X-ray apparatus. We do not compromise with the quality of the dental materials we use.

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