Root canal treatment


With our successful root canal treatment we save your natural teeth, and preserve your beautiful smile.

When is a root canal treatment necessary ?

Root canal treatment must be performed in the cases of big decays which have affected the pulp, trauma of the tooth or a fracture.

Precisely measuring the length of the root canal.

It is extremely important that the root canals are measured precisely before work into them has started.Shaping and sealing them should not lead to complications by penetrating into anatomically important structures such as the mandibular canal or maxillary sinus for example.

Before starting the root canal preparation a control x-ray image with endodontic files into the canals is taken.Root canal treatment in proximity of the maxillary sinus.

Dental microscope for maximum visibility.

Good visibility is of a crucial importance when treating the root canals. With the aim of the dental microscope we see the tiniest root canals which left untreated could cause re-infection of the tooth.

Dr. Dimitrov.Incorrectly performed endodontic treatment, the tooth bears an expensive crown.

At Dental Comfort 60% of the root canal treatments are performed on already treated endodontically teeth. The most common reason for retreatment is the incorrect initial treatment, when a root canal is left untreated and only part of the canals are treated. Many of those teeth bear expensive crowns or bridges on top. Your dentist must be sure that the tooth is treated correctly before investing in prosthetic reconstruction on top of the tooth. Chronical infections often cause bone and soft tissue lost around the tooth.

Root canal treatment of a lower molar.Root canal treatment of а lower molar.Root canal treatment of аn upper molar.

What causes pulpitis

  • Complications of untreated decay lead to pulpitis.

Precision in treatment

  • When working in the root canals dentist should spend enough time for cleaning, shaping and disinfection of the canals.

Several appointments

  • Patients should be cooperative since in cases of big infections the treatment requires 2-3 appointments before the root canals to be sealed.

Long – term results

  • When the endodontic treatment is precisely performed the treated tooth will remain in the mouth as long as the neighbouring vital teeth.
  • The successful endodontic treatment makes the patients happy by preserving their natural teeth, beautiful smile and the pleasure to enjoy their favorite food.

Preserving the natural teeth

  • The successful endodontic treatment makes the patients happy by preserving their natural teeth, beautiful smile and the pleasure to enjoy their favorite food.

What is pulpitis?

Pulpitis affects the pulp of the tooth which consist of blood vessels and nerves. The signs and symptoms include pain from sweets, cold or hot.


The contemporary treatment of pulpitis is completely painless.

Treatment of a reversible pulpitis.

The treatment preserves the tooth vital by cleaning the decay and application of a calcium paste or MTA. The tooth should be followed up in time by the dentist.

Treatment of an irreversible pulpitis.

Irreversible pulpitis require endodontic treatment. With the help of a local anaesthesia and a rubber dam the root canals should be treated.

Preventing bigger problems

  • In order to avoid pulpitis, the small decays should be seen and treated on time.

Big decay caused pulpitis.Rx image showing the problem.Root canal treatment.

Numerous cases, followed up in time


  • Pulpitis could be avoided by detecting and treating the small decays in a timely manner.


  • Dental microscope is extremely helpful, the small decays could be very easily seen and treated before causing more damage on the teeth.

Small decay between the theethSmall decayCleaning of the decayLight cured composite filling

Apical Periodontitis

A reason for apical periodontitis could be untreated pulpitis, tooth trauma or tooth necrosis. Most often untreated pulpitis cause periapical periodontitis.

Before and after the treatment.

On the intraoral RX images below could be seen the difference of the initial situation and 5 months after the treatment. The bone around the root was lost due to infection. The treatment required 3 visits of the patient. On the RX image done 5 months later could be seen the bone regeneration around the root and the tooth was preserved.

Apical periodontitis of an upper central incisor, puss penetrating through the gingiva, significant bone loss around the root..Initial situation: bone loss around the root.Bone regeneration 5 months after the root canal treatment.

Acute apical periodontitis

The pain is spontaneous and may continue up to several hours. The pain usually appears during the night and the patient feels a ‘pulsing pain’ and a tooth which seems to be higher than the rest. The tooth is painful when chewing or touched.

Chronic periodontitis

Very often chronic periodontitis is accompanied by swelling and a puss formation around the root of the tooth. The treatment requires two or three dental appointments.

Bone regeneration after the treatment.

  • 6 months after the treatment a significant bone regeneration of the bone which was lost could be seen on the RX image.

Initial situation : chronical apical periodontitis, a puss collection and bone loss around the root of an upper canine.6 months follow up shows bone regeneration around the root.

painless procedures

Follow up of the healing is recommended.

  • An intra oral image is recommended to be performed on the 3rd and sixth month after the treatment.

Root canal treatment with a Dental Microscope.

Some of the teeth have atypical anatomy of the roots and canals more than the usual number known. The orifices of these additional canals are very tiny and hardly seen without the use of a dental microscope.If a canal is left untreated, it may cause re-infection of the tooth.The dental microscope is of a crucial importance when performing a root canal treatment.

Precise accuracy of the procedure.

  • Good visibility is important because the dentist could treat only what is seen.

Root canals.

Looking for endodontic retreatment in Bulgaria?

Endodontic retreatment is necessary when:

  • Some of the root canals are not treated. On the image are seen the root canals of a tooth with e metal ceramic crown.One of the canals is left untreated and caused re-infection of the tooth, leading to bone loss.In this case root canal retreatment is necessary.

Untreated canal caused re-infection and bone loss.Preparation of the root canal.Re-treatment –sealing of the root canals.

Your dentist must be sure that the root canals are precisely treated, since many of the endodontically treated teeth bear expensive tooth restorations on top afterwards.(crowns and bridges).

Reasons which may lead to re-infection of the tooth after a root canal treatment.

  • Intraoral RX image is not performed preliminary, the dentist has no idea for the anatomical configuration of the canals and their numbers.
  • The root canal is not treated till the end. In the rest of the canal untreated, the bacteria continue to cause infection.
  • Root canal treatment is performed without observing the rules of asepticity. Rubber dam should be used when the procedure is performed.
  • Visibility is very important since working without good visibility may lead to a perforation in the tooth.

Attention to all the details

  • Each tooth has an unique anatomy and the standart thinking could be misleading.

Triple control of the root length

  • A triple control of the length of the root canal is recommended-one measurement with the apex locator and two RX digital images.The dentist must be sure in the exact length of the root canal.
  • Enough time should be devoted to cleaning, shaping and disinfecting of each root.
  • Endodontic treatment at Dental Comfort
  • We have a digital RX device in the office. RX DEVICE
  • Dental microscope which allows us to see the smallest details. MICROSCOPE
  • Treating the teeth without using toxic materials. MATERIALS

  • Root canal treatment in other dental offices.
  • Some of the dental offices are not equipped with digital RX device. RX DEVICE
  • In most of the dental practices dental microscope is not available. MICROSCOPE
  • In some of the dental offices still toxic products are used, like arsenic paste for example. MATERIALS

Prices of root canal treatment

The price of the root canal treatment comprises the modern materials and equipment we use in order to perform a high quality treatment for our patients. At Dental Comfort we use only new machine and hand metal files for cleaning and shaping the root canals and root canal sealers which are clinically tested, manufactured by the world’s most renowned manufacturers.

Guarantee for excellent results
Modern equipment, high quality materials, our advantage is our experience

Dental treatment
Average duration Price of the treatment
Treatment of one root canal (mechanical and chemical preparation)
01:30 h 100 eur
Treatment of two root canals (mechanical and chemical preparation)
01:30 h 160 eur
Treatment of three root canals (mechanical and chemical preparation)
02:00 h 300 eur
Treatment of four root canals (mechanical and chemical preparation)
02:00 h 350 eur
Removal of a fractures endo file in the canal
01:30 h 150 eur
Sealing a perforation with МТА
01:30 h 150 eur
Services Services

Painless and effective dental treatment

The numerous cases followed up in our dental practice during the last 10 years give us the confidence to successfully manage almost every dental problem. We are equipped with a modern dental equipment including a dental microscope and a digital X-ray apparatus. We do not compromise with the quality of the dental materials we use.

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